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Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Mon Jul 26 03:04:14 CEST 2004

Well I don't know if "They" are watching, but *I* am watching this Mailing
List to get _KERNEL_ updates/information. You see that title there?
"ros-kernel" As in, Kernel Development, and not ranting about Microsoft?

Now I believe in freedom of speech, and if you want to rant about it, please
do it on ros-GENERAL (get it?? GENERAL?), on the forum at www.reactos.com,
by email with one of the members, or even on the reactos IRC channel. But
please keep this ML free of politics and ramblings.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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I think the only reason why Microsoft hasn't stepped in is because a few
reasons which may include:

* Wanting people to use a NT based OS wether its a clone or origional NT
instead of UNIX or UNIX variants
* Not wanting to attract any attention to ReactOS for fear that zealous open
source drones might contribute to the project with the goal of lowering
sales of Windows if the project was perceived as a threat to MS (which it is
in the long term)
* Browsing the source code may be of bennefit to them, such as by looking
for differences in designs which if implemented in Windows would result in
better performance or cleaner clode.

It's only a matter of time before MS chooses a line of action to pursue, and
belive me or not, it isn't going to be in favor of ReactOS when a bleep
shows up on the radar. Don't assume that they don't know about this project.
Infact, I know they know about it. They are watching you right now. I'm
fairly sure that wether they admit it or not, they won't stay neutral
forever when their main cash cow is on the line and is being threatend.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

If you hold any of the copyrights for Windows please step forward with
your claim and discuss the matter with me off this list. Otherwise
please do not assert that anyone is violating any law or a summons for
slander and libel proceedings will be sent to your sunny Florida
vacation house.


So sue me.

Stephen H.

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> That's not how copyright law works.
> A clone of the NT architecture that is created using publically-available
> -accessible information, is an independent creation, and thus itself is
> protected by copyright law.  If something has been as widely distributed
as the
> basic information on the NT architecture, both as the "Inside NT" books
> various other such publications, both by Microsoft and others, and as
> VMS books, it's a known and widely acknowledged hazard of the open market,
not a
> violation of copyright law, if it gets cloned.  How do you think the IBM
>  and the IBM PC got cloned so quickly?
> What would be prohibited is if the ReactOS team had a copy of the NT
source code
> and took bits and pieces of it - but I trust that they're hardly that
> I think you're trolling - please stop A.S.A.P.  (BTW, I doubt there's
> for it, but anything that makes one comatose for extended periods oftime
> also counteract the Trolling illness.)
> Wesley Parish
> Quoting Stephen Hodges <theteofscuba at hotmail.com>:
> > This must stop. By creating a clone of the NT architecture, you are
> > violating copyright law. Since cloning isn't covered under fair use, the
> > SDK is being infringed upon.
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