[ros-kernel] Network status update

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Thu Jun 10 08:27:09 CEST 2004

art yerkes wrote:

>I did a big commit today of a lot of code I have been working on in the
>past months.  Since the code is very new, there are probably problems
>that I've missed or things I forgot to check.  mifritcher has already
>pointed out that pcntn5m running with the current tcpip.sys winds up in
>some new unimplemented ndis functions that have never been reached
>before.  (I am currently using an ne2000 for testing)
>The main reason why I'm fairly cavalier about checking in this code is
>that the newest thing checked in is about three weeks old, and that 
>since networking had its share of problems before, this checkin
>represents a clear improvement in my opinion.
>The other reason for checking in here is that others have wanted to help
>but keeping a second patched tree was causing problems.  It will be easier
>to bring more reactos developers in here for the next phase of this work
>with networking in the main tree.
>I will fix breakage as soon as I see it or hear about it.  I'll be testing
>with the pcnet and 3com drivers tonight and tomorrow hopefully and fixing
>The next task we need to do is to finish our msafd and afd
>implementations.  afd is difficult and I'll be bugging everybody I can
>who's knowledgable about working in the kernel.  msafd just needs to
>correctly follow the interface we make for afd.
>If anyone has wanted to see networking get going quicker, this is a
>very good place to bring some new people on.
Hello Arty,

No problem if causing possible breakage . There is no other way to 
cleanup networking code quickly.

The difficulty will be to have  NIC driver loading and  successfully 
opening adapter ( for example I have a Dlink DFE-530TX PCI RevA)
The 1st step will be to setup the registry.
I 've tried in the past with my Nic card . The driver loads but opening 
the adapter at ndis level failed.

So I have 2 solutions if I want to test the networking  :

1) Buy a Nic card which is already working with Ros .
=> Is a list available ?

2) Make the Dlink Nic card working.
=> I would prefer this solution
=> I think some debug messages are needed in Ndis  configuration software


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