[ros-kernel] React Operating System

Nate DeSimone desimn at rpi.edu
Thu Mar 4 13:41:03 CET 2004

> Can anybody tell me if Cygwin will run under react os, I would like to 
> either port/incorporate code into the kernel or another program.
Cygwin does not work at the moment.  Please remember that ReactOS is 
still in very early stages of development and that its Win32 API 
implementation is far from complete or bug free.  Perhaps what the other 
person was trying to say was that there is currently plans to take 
coLinux, which is a "Linux kernel runtime" and port it to ReactOS as a 
subsystem, this should allow you to use whatever UNIX program you wish 
without modification on ReactOS when its done.  Of course you can do a 
port if you wish, but my personal opinion is that work on getting 
coLinux running would be more beneficial to the project, as then ALL 
linux programs will run on ReactOS, with complete API and even ABI 


Nate DeSimone

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