[ros-kernel] VideoPrt.sys Error Log.

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Mon Mar 8 23:42:55 CET 2004

Filip Navara wrote:
> James Tabor wrote:
>> So it's a PCI device VID is 1106 and the DID is 7205 and linux saw
>> it too. Maybe a Hal problem working with PCI stuff?
> The situation you described can only happen when HalGetBusData doesn't 
> return all the information we asked for. As we really only need the 
> device and vendor id, I suggest to change this line (videoprt.c:258):
>      if (sizeof(PCI_COMMON_CONFIG) == ReturnedLength)
> to
>      if (ReturnedLength >= (sizeof(USHORT) * 2))
> and try to test it again.
> Regards,
> Filip
Same thing, did not load vtmini.sys, but no PCI vendor ID debug stuff.
It loads to console mode but when graphic processes start up this happens,

(objects/dc.c:491) FindMPDriver failed
(objects/dc.c:718) Unable to initialize graphics, returning NULL dc
(objects/gdiobj.c:264) Invalid TableIndex 0
(objects/gdiobj.c:742) GDIOBJ_LockObj failed for 0x00000000, reqtype 0x00010000
reason 1
(objects/gdiobj.c:744)  called from: objects/dc.c:1013
(objects/gdiobj.c:264) Invalid TableIndex 0
Assertion (((void *)0) != (ObjHdr) && (((DWORD)((ObjHdr)->Magic) << 16) == (0x00
7f0000) || 0x007f0000 == (0x007f0000)) && ((((DWORD)((ObjectHandle))) & 0x007f00
00) == ((DWORD)((ObjHdr)->Magic) << 16))) failed at objects/gdiobj.c:906
Bug detected (code 0 param 0 0 0 0)
   The bug code is undefined. Please use an existing code instead.

Pid: 8 <explorer> Thrd: c160ed70 Tid: 2e
Frames: <ntoskrnl.exe: 97cb>
<win32k.sys: 3f1c8>
<win32k.sys: 273d1>
<win32k.sys: 27ac0>
<win32k.sys: 272c8>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3397>

My hivesys.inf setup,


There are vtdisp.dll, vtdisplay.dll, vtgamma2.dll, vticd.dll vtinfo2.dll and vtovrlay.dll.

The kmviag.inf list:



vticd.dll		the opengl driver?

That is just the basics. I'm just hacking the hive as you can see.

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