[ros-kernel] C++

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Thu Mar 11 19:17:38 CET 2004

Mike Nordell schrieb:

> Vizzinis point about by maximizing the number of people that can read,
> write, understand and (therefore) maintain the code is key.  Judging by
> history, in a decade:
> - both C and C++ will still be alive.
> - a smaller percentage of developers will know assembler - any language or
> dialect.
> - a larger percentage of developers will know C++.
> - some CPU's will have disappeared from the market, making code written
> specifically for them (assembler) basically both useless and worthless at
> that time.

Vizzini missed a point. One can take a view lik this:
Maximize the number of potential people by maximizing the allowed 
programming languages. Of course it doesn't make so much sense to write 
one file D one Pascal one Algol ... so just c and c++ can be considdered 
because a c++ compiler will work for both languages.
> Should that prediction turn out to be true, then I think drivers should be
> allowed to be implemented in the subset of C++ suitable for such a task.

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