[ros-kernel] Application Compatibility List

Andrew Greenwood lists at silverblade.co.uk
Thu Mar 11 19:56:47 CET 2004

Here are a few applications that I've either tested or have been told that

The GUI apps that work are mostly keygens, but that's probably because of
their simplicity. Obviously the use of keygens isn't encouraged, but hey
they made for good testing ;)

Most of these are applicable only to the installers, so you might have more
luck. But I think it'd be a good idea to get the installers working first...

WinZip 8.0 Key Generator:
Works :)

Servant Salamander 2.5 Beta 3 Crack:
Works, but positioning and dialog size are incorrect.

MS ErrLook:
Runs (Christoph_vW reported)

Nero 6 Keygen:
Displays empty window, until mouse moved

Reason 2 Keygen:
Tabs dont work

BladeEnc MP3 Encoder:
Displays command-line parameters, have not tested actual functionality

Oggenc OGG Encoder:
Displays command-line parameters, have not tested functionality

Displays parameters, otherwise untested

Sysinternals Contig:
Displays parameters, appears to work?

Sysinternals Autoruns 1.2:
Displays information, can open RegEdit, needs SendMessageTimeoutW

MS QSlice:
Runs, text very small, but complains about SendMessageTimeoutW, bombs out
when scrolling

WinZip 8.0:
Unpacks, but requires manual running of SETUP.EXE
Doesn't run, due to error with a WinZip DLL version

(NTDLL:ldr/utils.c:1191) LdrGetExportByName(): failed to find
?name at type_info@@QBEPBDXZ

Runs, but won't let you scan, due to lack of admin rights

DefWndSetRedraw unimplemented (setup)

PartitionMagic 7.0:
"PC_NOCOLLAPSE not working properly"
SendMessageTimeoutW not implemented
Crashes kernel with 64 mb of RAM
"Next" button is white
Chucks out Invalid ObjectHandle 0x0090090b and IoPageRead failed, Status
c0000001 via COM

Toast CPU Tester:
Not implemented: HookId 5 Global TRUE

Unreal Tournament 2003 Key Changer:
Loads and hangs - GetKeyboardLayoutList unimplemented

Delphi 6 Keygen/Crack:
Fails to load

Sysinternals DiskMon:
ERROR_GEN_FAILURE opening DMON.SYS - (io/rw.c:81) NtReadFile: missing
ByteOffset for asynch. op

Sysinternals FileMon:
ERROR_GEN_FAILURE opening FILEM.SYS - (io/rw.c:81) NtReadFile: missing
ByteOffset for asynch. op

Sysinternals RegMon:
ERROR_GEN_FAILURE opening REGSYS.SYS - (io/rw.c:81) NtReadFile: missing
ByteOffset for asynch. op

Sysinternals Pagefile Defragmenter:
Complains about privileges

PowerQuest Drive Image 6:
Severe display glitches with installer, could not test due to lack of disk

Runs from console, fails to find DLL in Explorer->Run, and complains about

Resource Hacker:
Cannot load IMAGEHLP.DLL

Process Explorer (procexp):
Fails to find LookupAccountSidA in ADVAPI32.DLL

Process Viewer (prcview):
Loads, displays window but seems to die, leaving the window on-screen -
SendMessageTimeoutW needed

X-Setup 6.3:
SendMessageTimeoutW not implemented, setup gets as far as the "do you want
to install?" window

ModPlug Tracker 1.14:
Installer doesn't run

Syntrillium Cool Edit 2000:
Installer doesn't display anything - SendMessageTimeoutW needed?

MSN Messenger 6.1:
File extraction fails - SendMessageTimeoutW needed

Trillian 0.74:
Installer doesn't display some controls, crashes on 3rd page

VSocks Light Proxy:
Installer doesn't display anything

Installer doesn't run - exception immediately

winMX 3.31:
Complains about SendMessageTimeoutW, needs OLEPRO32.DLL

WinVNC 3.3.4:
Installer dies after confirmation prompt - needs RegisterTypeLib from

MakeTorrent 2.0
Installs flawlessly, runs but displays nothing.

Installer dies after license agreement

Installer dies after confirmation prompt

Office 2000:
Setup quits straight after loading

Norton Antivirus 2002:
Gets to the end of "reading package" and hangs GUI due to
SendMessageTimeoutW being unimplemented.

Defrag 2000 Pro Keygen:
Starts up and terminates due to unhandled exception

SendMessageTimeoutW not implemented, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED follows

NullSoft Installer System:
Bluescreens on second page - appears to be SendMessageTimeoutW related

NullSoft WinAmp 2.81:
Installer (NSIS) causes bluescreen on second page - requires
SendMessageTimeoutW as well

Acrobat Reader 4.05:
Unpacks and causes kernel crash - "unknown main protection type"

AnalogX MaxMem:
Crashes kernel straight away (KMODE_EXCEPTION)

AnalogX Port Mapper:
Crashes kernel straight away (KMODE_EXCEPTION)

AnalogX CookieWall:
Crashes kernel straight away (KMODE_EXCEPTION)

AnalogX WhoIs:
Crashes kernel straight away (KMODE_EXCEPTION)

SuperScan Port Scanner:
Kernel crashes during installation - (mm/i386/page.c:113) Unknown main
protection type.

Installer uses BringWindowToTop which is unimplemented, and hangs ReactOS

Steinberg Cubase 5:
Installer causes KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, GDI object type 0x000a0000 not

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