[ros-kernel] Process scheduler / timer resolution

KJK::Hyperion noog at libero.it
Fri Mar 12 23:01:33 CET 2004

At 18.03 12/03/2004, you wrote:
>Threads have been available in Linux for a looong time,

sure. Only they weren't threads. If not for IBM, they would probably still 
not be there

>PnP is not a new feature either

suuure. USB hotplugging in 2.4 is a walk in the park</irony>

>>I officially welcome it in the world of real, modern operating systems
>I don't think it's fair to say this

I'm not fair. I have opinions, and they aren't objective. Backed by facts 
yes, objective not necessarily

>Everyone knows that Linux outperforms any NT in most areas,

MySQL outperforms just about any other SQL server. But MySQL databases are 
pre-relational ISAMs. Be very careful in replying to my points, as I'm very 
careful in making them. I'm intentionally avoiding discussions about 
performance, stability or ease of configuration, as this discussion doesn't 
address them. But when it will come the time to discuss them, I will 
strictly speak in terms of improving ReactOS, not of comparison of Windows 
and Linux

>and I wouldn't want to start enumerating all the features that NT doesn't 
>have compared to UNIX-like OSes.

neither do I, as I already know all of them. But I'm talking strictly about 

>Speaking of compatibility, tell me just how many different filesystem can 
>be mounted on NT?

you aren't replying to me here, but I'll answer this one: nearly all the 
non-obscure and non-UNIX specific filesystems, and an UNIX-specific 
filesystem (NFS) too 

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