[ros-kernel] crash in win32k

Hartmut Birr hartmut.birr at gmx.de
Sun Mar 14 14:34:51 CET 2004


since my last cvs update ros does crash after some time. It seems that
there are printed to much in a console window. The crash occurs while
build ros on ros.

- Hartmut

(eng/handle.c:64) CreateGDIHandle: Out of available handles!!!
Assertion ((void *)0) != Dc->CombinedClip failed at objects/cliprgn.c:89
Bug detected (code 0 param 0 0 0 0)
  The bug code is undefined. Please use an existing code instead.

<ntoskrnl.exe: 6969> KeBugCheckEx
<ntoskrnl.exe: 6980> KeBugCheck
<win32k.sys: 2e8f8> CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion
<win32k.sys: 2ef8c> NtGdiSelectClipRgn
<win32k.sys: 33376> NtGdiSetDCState
<win32k.sys: 2411b> DceReleaseDC
<win32k.sys: 24958> NtUserReleaseDC
<ntoskrnl.exe: 2ab0> new_shadowServiceInRange
<user32.dll: 77E7CA53> NtUserReleaseDC
<win32csr.dll: 5FFB7784> GuiConsoleUpdateBitmap
<win32csr.dll: 5FFB794B> GuiIntDrawRegion
<win32csr.dll: 5FFB7A72> GuiWriteStream
<win32csr.dll: 5FFB20E5> ConioWriteConsole
<win32csr.dll: 5FFB2CB2> CsrWriteConsole
<csrss.exe: 10001D3A> CsrApiCallHandler 
<csrss.exe: 10001E8F> Thread_Api2

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