[ros-kernel] Re: cards.dll

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 12:31:49 CET 2004

--- "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at intelliware.ca> wrote:
> Time and again, it seems that the ReactOS folks produce a lot of
> throw-away code, by keeping it in the ReactOS tree. I've lost count
> on how many times this happened in the past, don't you guys get it
> that we should work together on this stuff? I mean, don't you want
> the work you do to live on, don't you feel sorry for all the wasted
> effort?

I would agree with that except for the fact that we could not submit
the code as it was. The resources were GPL not LGPL. The author of the
code (Filip Navara) sends patches to Winehq all the time so its not
like he doesnt share with Winehq. In this case though he was not the
author of the resources. Count the number of patches submitted by
Filip, Martin, Ge and myself, plus the orginal code we have released
under LGPL/GPL. We maybe have a 10% drop/duplication rate.

We have some developers that sometimes like to start working on
something only to drop it later on due to losing interest. Uxtheme is a
good example of this. We had the start of a implementation before
winehq did but the developer lost interest. We also have IMHO some
stupid/lax rules in the ReactOS project that allow for anonymous
developers to contribute code. I doubt Alexandre will accept patches
from anyone using a pseudonym so I wont touch that code either unless
Winehq has a better implementation and then I will blow away the
anonymous ReactOS developers work.

I cant change the situation and I dont see it getting much better until
the ReactOS project grows a little more and our developers learn to be
a little more flexable. If Winehq is going to provide PE binarys of the
dlls/programs we share, then we could just package our releases with
that except for the fact sometimes our developers dont like to wait on
Alexandre to commit stuff to the tree. Alexandre sets the rules and we
try to play by the rules even if that means that some work gets
duplicated. Sometime our developers dont want to wait on a
submit->modify->comit/reject->merge->submit loop of Winehq so they put
code in to ReactOS cvs first. Does it mean sometimes work gets
duplicated? Sometimes yes. Its going to happen. Rather by mistake, or
design some effort will be wasted. 

IMHO the system we have in place is still better than what has happend
in the past with projects using WINE code. Odin, Transgaming and even
CodeWeavers (until recently) have maintained there own source base and
then merged at set times. This lead to patches getting dropped, not
being released due to it being under a incompatible license or just out
right duplication of work.


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