[ros-kernel] How to remote debug linux -> vmware using a pipe

art yerkes ayerkes at speakeasy.net
Tue Mar 16 01:59:33 CET 2004

Not sure if anyone didn't know this but me...  It should be put next to 
similar information about using piperedir, etc on windows.

This is how to do it:

set vmware's serial port to
Pipe: /tmp/vmware.out
This end is server, other end is application
[x] Start connected

And use netpipes like this:
faucet 1666 --in --out hose -unix- /tmp/vmware.out --slave &

Boot reactos using gdb on vmware, wait for the loaded hal message.

The you can do:
gdb target remote localhost:1666

And everything should go smoothly.
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