AW: [ros-kernel] IOMega Zip Drive

Mike Nordell tamlin at
Mon Mar 22 22:09:09 CET 2004

James Tabor wrote:

> In include/ntos/disk.h,
> typedef enum _MEDIA_TYPE
> {
>    Unknown,
>    F5_1Pt2_512,
>    F5_160_512,
>    RemovableMedia,
>    FixedMedia
> Can we add ZipMedia and check it the same way as a Fixed/Removable Media

I think this would be an error.

Please see a winioctl.h from MS. It reads:

typedef enum _STORAGE_MEDIA_TYPE {
    // Following are defined in ntdddisk.h in the MEDIA_TYPE enum
    // Unknown,                // Format is unknown
    // F5_1Pt2_512,            // 5.25", 1.2MB,  512 bytes/sector
    // F8_256_128,             // 8",     256KB,  128 bytes/sector

    DDS_4mm = 0x20,            // Tape - DAT DDS1,2,... (all vendors)
    MiniQic,                   // Tape - miniQIC Tape
    IOMEGA_ZIP,                // Mag_Disk - Iomega Zip
    IOMEGA_JAZ,                // Mag_Disk - Iomega Jaz
    MP2_8mm                    // Tape - 8mm Hitachi

Please note it explicitly sets DDS_4mm = 0x20, and continues the enumeration
from there.

IMO this does _not_ belong in the kernel. I think MS realized that too, once
they had added 128MB MO's...

> Or if ZipMedia force a rebuild the Partition table and Geometry?

I think that for all removable media this should be re-read:
- where media-change can be detected, only on media change
- else always

Please note that devices explicitly supporting media locking falls into the
first category while the media is locked.


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