[ros-kernel] New build target for releases

Mike Nordell tamlin at algonet.se
Tue Mar 23 03:34:09 CET 2004

This is not a joke, neither out of malice. This is serious.

For released builds, such as

we _also_ need to provide debug (DBG=1) builds of all the mentioned.

Why? Well, consider me on IRC trying to help someone that can't even boot
beyond bootvid.sys and no matter what flags are given to freeloader, no
debug output is presented.

Just now, after over one hour of "remote debugging" I got the information
that it was from a downloaded image (so call me an idiot for not realizing
it), and I'm willing to be that's not DBG=1.

Yes, I'm sure it would quadruple the space needed. So what. If it can help
one user, that's one more user. If it pisses off one user, it's ten
potential users lost.


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