[ros-kernel] WDF - Windows Driver Foundation

Tobias Ussing tobias at seriesdb.com
Tue May 4 13:51:37 CEST 2004

Hehe, i guess i didn't make myself clear enough.

The "false" were directed at "We should probably watch it not to waste time in 
implementing obsolete interfaces."

And yes, i stated that obsolete devices wouldn't get supported with the new 
driver foundation. Thats why i want to keep the current system, so ROS can 
support old and(from MS point of view) obsolete devices.

I dont think n2ek is obsolete, and i know its still widely used, thats why i 
made a point out of using that as an example, if ROS did as the parent post 
wanted, support for standard ne2k would dissapear, unless ROS created its own 
driver for the windows driver foundation.

Tobias Ussing

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