[ros-kernel] Make Wine Makefile Problem with Build ROS on ROS

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Thu May 27 18:45:17 CEST 2004

Hi Hartmut!
Thank you! It works! Sorry for taking so long, I've been under the weather lately
or I would have tested this earlier. Right now, at this time, it is working fine.

Hartmut Birr wrote:
> Hi,
> the real problem is in make.exe. Make.exe uses always the same pointer to
> the environment block, even if there was an update of the path variable. All
> sub calls to make.exe use this environment block. If this block is zeroed,
> msvcrt.dll will fail within DllMain while process attaching. I've fixed this
> by allocating only a new environment block, if the number of variable has
> changed. The heap changes was a side effect. The bin cell allocator returns
> always the same block, if one block is freed and the next allocation has the
> same size. In this case the environment block from make.exe does not change.
> - Hartmut

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