[ros-kernel] Re: [ros-cvs] CVS Update: reactos

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 11:38:49 CEST 2004


--- Jens Henrik Hertz <baremig at ziansoft.dk> wrote:
> Maybe someone could implement a system to dynamically switch on/off 
> debugging messages for various modules.
> Perhaps switches or some file on the system with a switch to override
> it.
> Just my opinion...

Yes the current system requires you to rebuild in a all or nothing
manner when it comes to debugging a module. Its quite a pain.

In Wine if we build with debugging enabled you can toggle the debug
messages on and off for each module and for each type of debug message
you want. Say you want to debug comctl32 in the comctl32 source you
would define the debugchannel for comctl32 and then you could use
FIXME,WARN,ERR and TRACE macros. Now if you want to enable debugging
for a process that is using commctl all you have to do is click a check
box in taskmgr to enable advanced debugging for that process. If you
start a app from the command line you can do something like this

WINEDEBUG=comctl32+warn,+shell32 wine testapp.exe

Would people like this for debug builds of ReactOS? I think we could do
the same thing in the kernel and in drivers and add logic to the
debugger to toggle the channels on and off.


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