[ros-kernel] FreeSans font

Wierd Wierd wierd_w at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 12 21:35:09 CEST 2004

It looks like a nice glyphset Steve, but like pretty
much all freefonts, it doesnt have either A)Very tight
hinting instructions or B)Integrated SBITs.

Also, it doesnt have the metrics or kerning of any of
the MS corefonts.

If somebody wants to doctor it up to make it less
harsh on the eyes at low pointsizes, and can make BDF
style X11 fonts, there is a free tool on the MS
Fontography page to push BDF bitmaps into a TTF font
as integrated SBITs, called SBIT32.EXE.

The readme for the utility says you will need to
create a metrics file for each BDF that you generate
SBITs from, however-- But does give you all the
relevant information you would need to generate it
yourself.  It further says that you can build a screen
font ENTIRELY out of SBITs this way, by using a TTF
font that is devoid of an outline glyphset.  This
could be useful for porting suitably licensed X11
fonts onto ROS, and might make a reasonable solution
for the missing MSShellDialog font.

My hands are a bit full with Stratus and Greenville at
the moment, however-- So if somebody else wants to
take this as a pet project, thats fine. I can supply
any volunteers with a TTF 'blank' if they want to try
that latter approach.

I wouldnt mind at all if somebody else wanted to take
up some of the other CoreFont Replacements projects.
(Like say, Trebuchet-- or Georgia)  It'd sure make my
life easier if I had some help, but I dont mind
working alone either.  

Thanks for the suggestion though!

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