[ros-kernel] Here's what's alive!

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at tpgi.com.au
Fri Sep 24 20:14:30 CEST 2004

> Steven Edwards has proposed that we have networking be the cornerstone
> of the 0.3.0 release at the end of the year and i can see the light
> at the end of the tunnel.  Together, I have no doubt that we will be
> able to get reactos to a state where we can honestly say that it 'has
> networking' before the end of the year.
I think we need a clear statement of just what "networking" means.
To me, it means:
1.being able to load use the drivers for the most common network 
chipsets/cards (including support for the major chipsets found on 802.11x 
wireless cards and the abillity to connect to wireless networks)
2.being able to set the IP address/DNS server/gateway settings (including 
support for DHCP)
3.being able to browse the web, read/send emails/news, chat on IRC etc with 
Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird and use the full features of it (including 
preferably plugins like Flash)
4.being able to use as many other network/internet programs as possible 
e.g. FTP client such as Filezilla, Instant Messenging client such as 
miranda and so on (basicly, whatever will work)
and 5.Being able to do a complete pull-compile-build-install-update of 
ReactOS completly within ReactOS if using a network card supported under 1 :)

Thats my opinion of what "networking" means to me.
But the real question is what "networking" means to the people working on 
it and to the people who promised networking for 0.3.0.

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