[ros-svn] [gvg] 14083: Sync to Wine-20050310:

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Tue Mar 15 00:17:46 CET 2005

Sync to Wine-20050310:
Jon Griffiths <jon_p_griffiths at yahoo.com>
- Documentation spelling fixes.
Mike McCormack <mike at codeweavers.com>
- Implement and test IPropertySetStorage.
- Fix more incorrect uses of STGM_ enumerations.
- Add struct StorageBaseImpl at the start of derived structures instead
  of trying to keep the first members the same.
- StgOpenStorage shouldn't open zero length storage files.
- Shared reading of storage files requires STGM_TRANSACTED.
- Test and fix grfMode handling in StgOpenDocfile.
- Implement StgSetTimes.
Robert Shearman <rob at codeweavers.com>
- Better tracing.
- Small cleanup of creation functions.
- Rename apartment functions to become more object-oriented.
- Rename register_ifstub to marshal_object to more accurately describe
  what it does.
- Add new function, apartment_getoxid, to prepare for a possible
  future patch where remoting is started on demand.
- Move marshaling state machine into stub manager from ifstub.
- Add additional needed states for table-weak marshaling, as shown by
- Protect external reference count from underflows/overflows.
- Make COM use the RPC runtime as the backend for RPC calls. Based on a
  patch by Ove Ksven.
- Invoke objects in STA's in the correct thread by sending messages to
  the hidden apartment window.
- Use I_RpcGetBuffer, instead of our own buffer routines to fix an
  occasional test crash caused by heap corruption.
- Zero the memory block passed to RpcServerRegisterIfEx so we don't
  pass garbage in some of the fields we don't fill in.
- Return the correct error code from create_server and fix two handle
- TODO update.
- Remove cruft left over from previous RPC backend implementation in
  the apartment structure.
- Don't pass an IPID by value for proxy_manager_create_ifproxy.
- Disable more of RPC_UnregisterInterface to prevent the RPC runtime
  using freed memory.
- Rename various external RPC backend functions so that they all have
  the same "RPC_" prefix.
- Reduce the timeout of the function that connects to a local server
  to 30s, like native.
- Make each ifproxy have its own channel buffer to fix a bug where a
  proxy with multiple interfaces could invoke the wrong stub buffer on
  the server.
- The Global Interface Table should do table-strong marshaling instead
  of normal marshaling so that an interface can be retrieved more than
  one time.
Mike Hearn <mh at codeweavers.com>
- Avoid infinite loop when doing a typelib marshalled
  IUnknown::QueryInterface by only doing an extra QI if requested IID is
  not equal to marshalled IID.
Rob Shearman <rob at codeweavers.com>
Mike Hearn <mh at codeweavers.com>
- Add re-entrancy tests to the test suite.
- Run RPCs on a new thread client side so we can pump the message
Juan Lang <juan_lang at yahoo.com>
- Fix the calling convention of DllCanUnloadNow.
- Move vtbl to end of file and get rid of unnecessary prototypes.
- Implement StgCreatePropSetStg.
Joris Huizer <jorishuizer at planet.nl>
- A few memory checks avoiding memory leaks.
Francois Gouget <fgouget at free.fr>
- Assorted spelling fixes.
Paul Vriens <Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl>
- Added some TRACE statements.

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