[ros-translate] Language Coordinators, Translation process

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Wed Feb 25 22:18:08 CET 2004

in this email I'd like to outline the translation process, and how Language
Coordinators (LCs) participate in it. (TC = Translation Coordinator).

Process (right now for the website, later advanced) :
1. TC gives every LC the content to translate in form of a zipped archive
containing HTML text
2. Every LC distributes the stuff over his translators, every translator
translates his own part
3. As soon as translators finished, they send their work to the LC.
4. LC reviews (this part is very important!) the translation, and, if he
thinks it isn't fully correct, asks the corresponding translator to 'fix'
errors, or asks another translator to translate this another way.
5. As soon as LC is satisfied, he gathers all pieces together, zip them, and
send them to TC.
6. TC publishes it on the website.

Everytime Jason changes the website, I will give out the edited/new content
to translate.

Now, for the process of actual translation from one language to another. To
properly translate some words X number of times throughout the translated
text (by properly I mean the same) we will run Dictionaries for each

Dictionary will be kept at the CVS, and only LCs can update them. But LCs
will update it by the information from the translators. So, every time
translators think this term should be included in the table, he sends a
specific request to LC, containing original english word, proposed(!)
translation, and his comments about this (optional).
LCs review(!) this, and if he agrees, he adds this entry to the dictionary.
In case he doesn't agree, he may still add this entry to the dictionary, but
don't check the 'Approved' flag of this term.

Translators should translate terms which exist in the dictionary EXACTLY as
their translation is given (certainly so it is grammatically and
syntaxically correct, and all declensions, conjugations are applied, if

As for format of the dictionary - it will be in simple XML format, I will
provide samples. They will be located in a special CVS module, so anyone can
check them out everytime, and only LC can update them.

All above is certainly discussable, please post your thoughts here.

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

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