[ros-translate] Translation Tool

Sarocet Sarocet at spymac.com
Tue Sep 27 11:26:25 CEST 2005

I think it would be useful to set into the .rc a header saying the
translated file and its last commit revision number/time from it was
translated so when a .rc file is updated, a bot could check if there are
translations to be updated and send the translators (another header?) an
email explaining it or may be to that language translation team so it could
be updated fastly.

PD: I used a program similar to the notepad (plain text editor) too.

> Ok, I think I will try it this way, the only problem is, that notepad
> doesn't know if there are any new strings that need to be translated,
> but aren't included in the translated rc-file.
> Maybe somebody should develop a little application for all the
> ROS-translators that checks all rc-files of a language for strings
> that need to be translated or for strings that are missing in the
> translated version.
> If I could do this, I would, but since I can't...
> But I will keep my eyes open for little apps that can help translators
> to do their "job".
> David

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