[ros-web] What to do?

Michael Jacobsen m_jacobsen at verizon.net
Wed Dec 22 20:55:10 CET 2004

Jason Filby wrote:

>The 'Developer' site has always bothered me because we actually have
>two classes of developer:
>- those developing ReactOS
>- those developing for ReactOS
>Right now we don't cater at all for those developing for ReactOS. This
>also includes people interested in getting their apps running, and are
>able to report useful information to ReactOS developers (eg. APIs
>required to get their apps running, bug reports).
>Any thoughts on this?
I believe I can answer why this has been the case up till now. Back when 
ReactOS.com was first put up I imagine the thinking behind the work was, 
"Somewhere where people can see what we're doing and the developers can 
let us know what is going on."

ReactOS itself at that point wasn't stable enough to worry about 
developing applications FOR it.

Now, we're getting to the point where this is going to become an issue. 
Many of the tools that I hope to create for the developers themselves 
should work just as well for those that wish to write apps that will run 
on ReactOS.

However, I do see value in, at the very least, a logical separation 
between the ReactOS Developers and the Application Developers.

On that note, mayhaps something along the lines of 
http://appdev.reactos.com/ as opposed to http://dev.reactos.com/ <The 
way I hope to set up our developer site.>

This would split the site into three logical sections but we could still 
share many of the things amongst the various sections.

That is down the road at the moment, in my book. My primary goal for the 
time being is to find out what we need out of our CMS and then find the 
'best' tool for it. From there, the goal becomes, "Support the project 
and generate 'geek' community interest by refactoring ReactOS.com." (The 
intent of which is to hopefully draw more developers of ALL types. 
Codebase, Documentation, Website, Content. These are all developer types 
that need to be drawn into the ReactOS fold.)

That what you were after?


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