[ros-web] What to do?

Michael Jacobsen m_jacobsen at verizon.net
Wed Dec 22 21:03:19 CET 2004

Jason Filby wrote:

>There's another factor to consider when choosing software: support and
>documentation. For this project we need both of these to be free since
>we have no income (the ReactOS Foundation may change this at some
If we use this as a factor as well then this puts points both for Drupal 
and ezPublish. Here's why.

ezPublish has very nice documentation from what I've read thus far. One 
of the nice things is they show a step-by-step walkthrough of the 
creation of a site and from that it's fairly easy to extrapolate how to 
do things for your own site. However, their support seems to be still on 
the lacking side.

On the Drupal side, because it is fully OSS, as opposed to 
dual-licensed, the Forum/Mailing List/IRC Channel support seems to be 
first rate. They have extremely active forums and in sitting in #drupal 
for a bit I've noticed some decent activity. So support seems to be 
fairly easy to get. Their minus is the documentation, while decent, does 
not seem to be to the level of ezPublishes.

If I had to chose between Good Documetation/Poor Support or Good 
Support/Poor Documentation give me the support any day.

Final note: I still have not finished my requirement list and have not 
had the chance to submit that for review. Untill we do that we won't 
know which system is a 'best' fit. However, I will add a Support & 
Documentation to my requirements list.


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