[ros-web] RE: Frik webdesign

Scott scotteh at netspace.net.au
Mon Jun 6 01:49:46 CEST 2005


Originally I used CSS to align objects, but then realised that (atleast with
an external style sheet) browers such as links and lynx wouldn't render the
alignment. And I ended up using tables for aligning the 3 columns. The only
problem with tables is it gets rather messy and becomes annoying to maintain
(all css is better than tables arguments aside).

As for alignment with css it really depends how far back you want to be
compatible with. Because if backwards compatability is the case, the
site should probably use as little or no css as possible.

I think the site should work in console browsers and the likes of IE5.5+,
Firefox and Opera 7+. All of them support basic CSS.

 -- ScoTTie

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