[ros-web] Re: Interface Team Co-ordinator: mf

James Dodd admin at doddnetwork.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 19:38:15 CEST 2005

Please stop moaning and arguing about the little things.

Tables Vs CSS
Browser dependency
and compatibility

Please let the public vote or aid to the design as apposed to just this web

Settle on some key areas

Please Settle on:
Layout (this is the major point!!!)

Then look at ways to approach such as CSS vs tables

Onces this is done then look at which browsers are affected in which ways.

Doing it the other way (browser compatibility at first) means you will only
have to check again at the final points...

I reccon you should come up with 10 mockup's (images nothing more at this
point, unless you want to waste more time). Then vote on the designs.
Then concentrate on which wins.

Get viewers of the current site to vote, post the designs on other forums,
try and push for a wide area of opinions not just the people here.

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