Menus and keyboard navigation

Sorry for the delay.

This past week has been full of holidays and the inevitable family meetings, so the report will be short.

After spending some more time on the context menu bug, I decided to leave it aside, and focus on things that improve the progress. If the code is incompatible with TortoiseGit for some reason, I can figure that out later.

At the peak of the mountain... there's a hill?

This week really didn’t “start”; it was merely a continuation of the past weeks.

The issue where the toolbar did not receive clicks was one of those annoying problems where finding the apparent cause is easy, but finding a solution not so much. The issue, as far as I could tell, was related to using SetCapture as a means to track the mouse movement on top of the toolbar. If I disabled that piece of code, the clicks got through, but – of course – other features stopped working.

The Sisyphussian Bug

If you have been following the weekly reports, you know that I have been having issues with the focus manager.

Well, this week I redesigned part of the focus manager, improving the structure so that it has more accurate information of what’s happening with the menus. While improving the code, I also fixed some bugs in the code.


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