Walking in circles

When work progresses, there’s a natural tendency towards running out of simple bugs to fix, and being left with those persistent ones that seem to have an intelligence of their own.

I thought I was over those. That the bug I was working on would be a simple one.

I wanted to have some test builds ready to share with the world, to be able to tell you all “hey look, if you don’t try to navigate with the keyboard, everything mostly acts the way it should, come and try!”

Blog comments

Due to the proliferating of spamming in the blog comments, we're going to disable it outright. For the future we'll link to a dedicated forum/thread for commenting on blog posts.

Menus, menus

I began the week by fixing the menus, so that they would properly display submenus, and react to clicks. I was stuck for a bit, but I finally managed to find the problem that prevented the menus from working correctly within ReactOS.

I set the filebrowser aside for a bit after this small success, to revisit some of the old bugs and pending tasks.

NTVDM progress

A while back Aleksander Andrejevic began working on a NTVDM implementation for ReactOS to support 16bit programs. This was one of the more often requested features by the community, which was met with some ambivalence by the developers themsleves since it entailed a significant amount of work. Aleksander then appeared and instead of simply asking for the feature, rolled up his sleeve to do the actual work. Since then NTVDM has made significant progress and other developers like Hermès Bélusca-Maïto and community member Vampyre have joined in to help.

ReactOS RShell

I began the week by testing the progress of the start menu in ReactOS.


You may remember this screenshot from last weekend’s report. In it, you can see the results of implementing vertical menus in a different, more documented, way. This method requires more work to be done per item, to make them all wrap into a new row, but it is supported by the Wine toolbar implementation ReactOS uses.


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