The shell

A part of me feels a tad guilty testing all of you with promises regarding shell progress. Another part of me feels no guilt whatsoever and I tend to listen to that part more. It helps having no conscience when doing PR, I have found.

Thorium: On the embedded use case

When people think about "embedded" systems, they often think about ARM systems running Linux. Well, that's one part of the embedded world, but another big chunk is actually x86 systems running Windows. For that matter, one of the biggest reasons for someone to use x86 in an embedded application is to get the ability to run Windows applications. There are a LOT of point-of-sale and other dumb terminals out there that run Windows due to the widespread availability of a Windows application to do damn near anything.

Response to Thorium questions

Quite a few people that first look at Thorium ask questions about what exactly it is for and what purpose does it serve. These are not unreasonable questions to ask and the answers are sometimes difficult to parse due to the complexity of Thorium itself. The second set of questions relates to why we believe Thorium is achievable with the amount of funding requested. Let's go over both sets and hopefully they will convince you we aren't completely out of our minds.


This post really should have been made months ago, but finding the time to write a full blown newsletter has been getting more and more scarce. That being said, I've decided for the short term to split things that would normally act as a single newsletter section into separate blog posts so I don't need to wait and gather things.

Intellectual Property: Ideology vs Practicality

The thing that people need to keep in mind when discussing the GPL is that it was created to achieve an ideological and political goal, namely that users of software should have the right to modify and extend the software as they see fit. To achieve this goal, the GPL seeks to ensure that the source code is always available and that reusing the source code in question comes without any restrictions save for what the GPL itself imposes in order to ensure this "right" is never withdrawn.


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