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Read this if you've found software useful to ReactOS

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Re: Read this if you've found software useful to ReactOS

Postby justincase » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:33 am

ThunderbirdMOZ wrote:Can someone repost the image that was in the OP. I never saw it and nobody else can see it anymore either.
Yeah, if anyone has it, I'm really curious.

Anyway, my reason for posting is..., I've searched around and found no mentions of this software anywhere related to ReactOS, so I'm going to mention it.
I don't know if it might be helpful in any way to the developers working on the NTVDM/Fast486/etc. parts of ReactOS, but I think they should know about it, just in case.

Here's the description quoted from the SourceForge listing:
Fake86 is a portable, open-source 8086/80186 PC emulator written from the ground up in C. Although the CPU engine is a pure interpreter it is still capable of reasonably fast execution. On modern systems, it can reach rates of 35 to 50 million emulated instructions/sec and beyond.

Fake86 began in 2010 as just a project that I intended to use to familiarize myself with x86 assembly, it's binary instruction encoding format, as well learn the low-level details of the support chipset in an XT-style computer. A main goal is keeping the source as simple as reasonably possible to understand and modify. Soon the project began to expand beyond the basics to include extras like audio hardware emulation, ethernet emulation, etc.

The Windows build also has a simple drop-down menu interface to change out virtual disk images, change window resolution, etc.

The entire project's code base currently weighs in at comfortably under 7,200 lines of code.

Also, the Fake86 Website linked to by the SF project page ( is down, but an older version is available via the internet archive:
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Re: Read this if you've found software useful to ReactOS

Postby hbelusca » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:24 pm

Hi, yes, we (TheFlash, Mysoft, and me) are aware of this emulator, but we didn't use it as the basis of NTVDM because its CPU emulation is limited to 80186, while for a compatible NTVDM you need to have a 80486 CPU emulation, and we didn't find a correctly-written emulator for this target (it was either <= 386 or Pentium+ as in DosBox/QEMU & al.) . So we preferred to roll our own, which works great!
Of course, for the other emulated hardware components, this Fake86 may serve as a "reference" (to be always cross-checked with other emulators like PCEm, DosBox, QEMU, Bochs, ... to cite just a few) for an implementation of said components.
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