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Re: Fix of the Week

Post by Bayode1 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:11 pm

Thanks you Jedi-to-be for pointing out some especially notable fixes as Fix of the Week. I enjoy learning about them.

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Re: Fix of the Week

Post by amber » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:02 pm

Mistakes like this will now be less!
Image is merged!

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Re: Fix of the Week

Post by middings » Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:50 am

For the week of August 26 through September 1, I consider amber's earlier post to be a nomination of Mark Jansen's commit 191dceb (pull request 805, "Fix manifest activation when loading imported dlls") for Fix of the Week. This should get rid of the buggy behavior shown in the screen capture that amber shared. The commit was applied to the development trunk for the 0.4.11 release. (Sorry, 0.4.10!)

This commit resolves CORE-9219, "can't start Evernote 5.8.3" and these issues:
CORE-5663, "Blender v2.57b fails to run" (a 7 year old bug)
CORE-7771, "BumpTop 2.1.6225 does not see msvcp80.dll" (a 4-1/2 year old bug)
CORE-10444, "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installation failure" (a 3 year old bug)

Wow! Thank you Mark Jansen, testers, and bug hunters.

For the week of August 19 through 25, I nominate commits [ ... 0146143af9]747196c[/url], [ ... 60b911b04b]cf4405b[/url], [ ... 5cdcc99de8]2d5c814[/url], and [ ... afa40d9fb9]81f3be4[/url] by GSOC hero Victor Perevertkin (extravert34) with assistance from ReactOS GSOC mentors, especially Hermes Belusca (hbelusca), and Hackfest 2018 participants. All these commits were part of pull request 743. These commits resolved CORE-13769, "Add boot from BTRFS". Fixes made to Freeldr and ntoskrnl to support ReactOS's use of BTRFS help achieve the goal of full NTFS support.

Watch "ReactOS GSoC 2018: BTRFS boot support final report video" on YouTube to see a demonstration of this new ReactOS feature. Also, read Victor's GSOC blog post "GSoC 2018 - booting from BTRFS works!".

A thousand thanks to Victor Perevertkin and everyone else involved!

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