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Install ROS to a computer without CD-ROM

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Install ROS to a computer without CD-ROM

Postby CircularTriangle06 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:01 am

1. Configure drive so that there is an appropriate partition for ReactOS and at least one more, that has a working system that understands fat32.
2. Have newest VMWare and VBox working somewhere, install ROS on them (VMDK disk format on VBox), install VBox Additions and VMware tools correspondingly.
3. Assemble an image CD of new GRUB2. That can require a virtual machine with Linux (preferably Ubuntu-gnome or Centos)
4. Write it to usb media using DirectGRUB, if needed.
5. Using a Rosvboxmgmt/Hackssign addition, copy all possible files from VBox-based system.
6. Mount its disk as second disk on VMware-based system. Using that system, copy registry files system32/config/* and drag&drop them out of the machine. Merge them with what was copied from VBox.
7. Using working system on target computer, deploy ros filesystem onto target partition.
8. Use grub bootable media to boot into freeloader. Once freeloader triggers, remove usb drives. Hopefully system will boot.
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Re: Install ROS to a computer without CD-ROM

Postby romulo27 » Tue May 30, 2017 7:04 pm

didnt understand the 5th step and those grub steps too

Note: im linux retarded
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