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HOW TO: Install ReactOS on Gigabyte GA-D510 Motherboard

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HOW TO: Install ReactOS on Gigabyte GA-D510 Motherboard

Postby nat32support » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:32 am

This tutorial describes how to install ReactOS 0.4.3 (and later) on a system fitted with a Gigabyte GA-D510UD mini-itx motherboard.

Mass Storage:

Attach a suitable HDD or SSD via the chipset SATA interface. Be sure to turn OFF Gigabyte GSATA support in the BIOS. I originally tested with Hitachi Z5K500 2.5" HDD, but could not get the installer to recognise it, even after it had been partioned and formatted to FAT32 with GPARTED. I then tried a Plextor SSD I had lying around and 0.4.3 installed without problems.

Keyboard and Mouse:

The USB keyboard and mouse I had did not work properly, so I used a Microsoft PS2 keyboard and a Microsoft USB mouse connected via a PS2 adapter. Both worked fine.

Install Mainboard drivers:

Install the Gigabyte INF Update and the RTL8111 LAN Driver from the Gigabyte driver CD. Video output and networking then work correctly.
I did not test the audio drivers because my system has no speakers attached.

Install Software:

Be sure to set a valid download directory when running the Applications Manager for the first time.

Install 7-zip and Indiftpd so that you can transfer other things you might need to the system. When connecting to the Indiftpd, be sure your FTP client has Passive Mode turned OFF.

I tested various applications and found that many of them worked, although some did require that certain Visual Studio runtimes were first installed with Applications Manager.


While not all the software I tested ran correctly, overall the system runs well and boots up from the ReactOS Menu in around 5 seconds. My next task is to get the WinPkFilter driver to work correctly, after which I'll put NAT32 onto it (which already runs fine in Winsock Mode) and then use the box as a supplementary router in my home network.

HINT: If any NDIS expert reads this post, please get back to me about how to get NDIS Hooking drivers to work in ReactOS.
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Re: HOW TO: Install ReactOS on Gigabyte GA-D510 Motherb

Postby nat32support » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:28 am

I'm currently testing ReactOS .4.7 RC1 on the Gigabyte GA-D510 Motherboard and have found that while ReactOS installs correctly as per my original article, on a number of occasions it will not copy files as it should. For example, when installing the Ethernet Adapter driver, all seems well except that the driver's .sys file is not actually copied to \ReactOS\System32\Drivers during setup. However, after copying the file manually and rebooting the system, the driver loads and runs correctly.

A similar issue was encountered when installing OpenVPN, in particular the TAP driver. But in this case, even after copying the sys file manually, the driver still didn't run.
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