[ros-bugs] [Bug 1145] Assertion 'Class->refs == 0' failed at ./subsys/win32k/ntuser/class.c line 69

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Sat Dec 17 06:48:03 CET 2005


------- Additional Comments From royce3 at ev1.net  2005-12-17 06:48 CET -------
I added some debug output to that function, here's what I get:

(./subsys/win32k/ntuser/class.c:75) DestroyClass(): can't delete class =
'RosFCMDIFrameWindow', b/c refs = 1

This class name is the class for the top-level MDI frame.

Apparently right-clicking on the task-bar and selecting Close does not properly
shut down all an app's windows before going through this destruction.

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