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------- Additional Comments From greatlord at reactos.com  2005-12-25 02:45 CET -------
the http://www.reactos.org/archives/public/ros-dev/2005-December/006890.html
 was not accpect for it did not take care of the real problem with 

"The 0 is cut off of digits after using "equals". For example, 5*6 gives 3
instead of 30. also 10, 100, and 1000 all equal 1."

The real problem was trunk/reactos/lib/crt/stdio/vfwprint.c did not think of 
%.f and cut all zero it found. Thx GvG to fix it in 20303

and it was other small problem with the patch.

calc is working 100% fine in Windows 2000 about 
hex,dec,bin,oct converting and calcing 5*6 = 30 

Does WinXP have same bugs as ReactOS did ??
WIndows 2000 does not have this bugs

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