[ros-bugs] [Bug 894] ROS Win32k doesnt support FON or SBIT data from FreeType

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Tue Oct 11 20:03:09 CEST 2005


------- Additional Comments From wierd_w at yahoo.com  2005-10-11 20:03 CET -------
Some additional notes, to help resolve this bug, and bug 309:

SBIT data is essentially the same kind of data as is held in a .FON archive.  
A .fon file is a wrapper, containing several .FNT files. Each .FNT file 
contains a set of bitmaps for a specific point size.  Simmilarly, TTF file can 
contain .FNT data, which trumps the rendering engine for the specified glyph.

This means that if freetype is behaving properly, freetype should return the 
data in the FNT formatted SBIT feild of the TTF file, should one be discovered, 
and skip rendering the outline completely.  This is why I can use SBITs to 
avoid the Apple bytecode patent issue, but it is not very elegant.

It should be pointed out that this needs to be fixed anyway, since a TTF file 
can litterally have a null glyph set, and be SBIT only! There is a document 
about this on the Microsoft Typography page, here:  

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