[ros-bugs] [Bug 1061] Unable to boot OS BSOD build 19793

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Fri Apr 21 22:31:47 CEST 2006


------- Additional Comments From yonatanz at actcom.co.il  2006-04-21 22:31 CET -------
I seem to be getting a similar BSOD in win32k.sys
I'm using the latest 0.2.9 release on VirtualPC 2004 SP1, the VM has 64MB RAM,
and a 16Gig disk

I used the install CD to install Reactos on a newly created partition.
After the first reboot, I see the first screen with the GPL disclaimer and 1 cpu
detected, then it goes into a graphical loading screen for a brief moment and
drops back to a blue empty screen.
After 20 more seconds or so, the error in attachment 764 appears.

This is does happen when using VGA mode, it only happens in VESA mode.
Also, it's totally reproducible on my system. I've played with this a few times
and get a BSOD every time.

on a sidenote: The installer seems to be really fragile to VirtualPC activity
during the file copy step. Any alt-tab, or alt-enter during that step causes it
to hang immediately...

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