[ros-bugs] [Bug 1430] piix4 problems

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Wed Apr 26 01:23:45 CEST 2006


------- Comment #2 from mailinux at laposte.net  2006-04-26 01:23 CET -------
>copying/pasting on all systems. The command prompt can do this in the meantime.
the problem is that i had also tryed with ther command prompt

> > cash flush and similar
> Currently partition recognition is very much incomplete, along with other
> things in the installation like the repair mode. Failure to recognize hard
> disks in the first place on your piix4 is probably a legitimate bug that needs
> to be looked into, please state if that was the case. As for the "cache flush",
> please explain in greater detail what you observed.

for the partitioning:
*i didn't remember very well what i saw before deleting the partitions
*then i deleted them
*then i created a partition for the whole hdd
*then it created a near 2GB partition

the problem is that after that i created another partitions with ~6GB of data
inside and i need to move them before re-installing reactos(=>need to find 6GB
space=>it will take some time)

by the way why not making an instaler based on linux
it would be very easy and stable
if you only need filesystem suport it would be fine

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