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--- Comment #17 from gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it>  2008-02-07 22:08:20 CET ---
Sorry guys, am I missing something here?

I'll quote the explanation of the problem:

> When running the taskmgr, leaving it opened without doing anything, it's memory
> usage will grow by about 60k/refresh.

Tested with official bootcd-32191-dbg:
If you leave taskmgr open you'll see that "Mem Usage" will grow at every
refresh until ros freezes. Taskmgr.exe process shows the same memory usage (it
won't increase with each refresh) nevertheless "Mem Usage" grows continually
with each refresh. The leak is bigger (about 80kb) if you focus on
"Performance" but there's a leak (smaller, about 8kb) even when focused on the
"Applications" tab.

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