[ros-bugs] [Bug 3827] New: Definition of TRACEHANDLE and GetTraceLoggerHandle()

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Tue Oct 28 22:53:55 CET 2008


           Summary: Definition of TRACEHANDLE and GetTraceLoggerHandle()
           Product: ReactOS
           Version: TRUNK
          Platform: x86 Hardware
        OS/Version: ReactOS
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: Win32
        AssignedTo: ros-bugs at reactos.org
        ReportedBy: hto at dev.null
         QAContact: ros-bugs at reactos.org

True definition of TRACEHANDLE and GetTraceLoggerHandle()

1. TRACEHANDLE is defined as "typedef HANDLE TRACEHANDLE;" in ddk/winddk.h,
i.e. as a pointer => 32-bit wide on x86. But it is also defined as "typedef
ULONG64 TRACEHANDLE, *PTRACEHANDLE;" in psdk/evntrace.h, i.e. 64-bit wide.

Where is the truth?

2. GetTraceLoggerHandle() (in dll/win32/advapi32/misc/trace.c) returns a value
of TRACEHANDLE type. It returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE upon a failure. (It's just
a stub now and always returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.) Should it be equal to

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