[ros-bugs] [Bug 3558] gvim install (gvim71.exe) crashes

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Thu Sep 4 23:21:05 CEST 2008


--- Comment #3 from jeanmichel.123 <jeanmichel.123 at free.Fr>  2008-09-04 23:21:05 CET ---
There are some not so true things in my previous comment:

First: even if menus work fine, sometime, they are blanked.

Second: vim in command line does not work, because file is not found

Third: gvim can create a file from nothing and write it, but when growing file,
try to write file makes instruction at 0x7c909fa0 referenced memory at
0x00000000 could not be read.

I had this error about as is:
1/ launch gvim.
2/ append with i key the 10 characters 1234567890 in the file
3/ go to begin file, with [escape key] [begin line key] 
3bis/ and copy them with y$
4/ paste with p or P 8 times to make a 80 character line
5/ write the file with  [escape key] :w foo.txt
6/ copy the first line with yy
7/ paste the first line 999 times with 999p
8/ try to write again, with  [escape key] :w
vim Crash should occur

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