[ros-bugs] [Bug 4342] log2lines: Enhanced raddr2line replacement

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log2lines: improved

- The cache is now created in each directory (specified by -d)
  This should prevent confusion when working with multiple directories.

- Some minor fixes, most textual

- The following options are added/updated:
  -d <directory>|<ISO image>
       Directory to scan for images. (Do not append a '\')
       This option also takes an ISO image as argument:
       - The image is recognized by the '.iso' extension.
       - The image will be unpacked to a directory with the same name.
       - The embedded reactos.cab file will also be unpacked.
       - NOTE: this ISO unpack feature needs 7z to be in the current PATH.
       Default: output-i386

  -M   Prefix (mark) each NOT translated line with '? '.
       ( Only for lines of the form: <IMAGENAME:ADDRESS> )

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