[ros-bugs] [Bug 4100] Assertion 'Mdl->ByteCount != 0' failed

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Sat Aug 29 19:12:42 CEST 2009


--- Comment #10 from amine48rz <amine48rz at gmail.com>  2009-08-29 19:12:37 CET ---
I got this one in r42960 while testing Skype 3.8
It happens sometimes when I login, and sometimes when I send a text message. 
Cont'ing several times applies.

Assertion 'Mdl->ByteCount != 0' failed at ARM³::MDLSUP line 81
Entered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808bf46a.
kdb:> bt
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:bf46b (lib/rtl/i386/debug_asm.S:33 (DbgBreakPoint at 0))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:7699c (ARM³::MDLSUP:82 (MmBuildMdlForNonPagedPool at 4))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:11ce8 (ntoskrnl/cc/copy.c:256 (WriteCacheSegment at 4))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:13317 (ntoskrnl/cc/view.c:159 (CcRosFlushCacheSegment at 4))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:13aa4 (ntoskrnl/cc/view.c:255 (CcRosFlushDirtyPages at 8))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:811eb (ntoskrnl/mm/mpw.c:91 (MmMpwThreadMain at 4))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:ad69e (ntoskrnl/ps/thread.c:158 (PspSystemThreadStartup at 8))>
<NTOSKRNL.EXE:b71ce (ntoskrnl/ke/i386/ctxswitch.S:306 (KiThreadStartup at 156))>

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