[ros-bugs] [Bug 5025] Freeloader error while booting from GRUB with Ubuntu and Windows XP installed

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Wed Dec 16 09:47:12 CET 2009


--- Comment #1 from Lone_Rifle <alwyn.tan at gmail.com>  2009-12-16 09:47:11 CET ---
Could you perform regression testing? Start with the freeldr.sys from r43167,
the midpoint between 0.3.10 (r41757) and r44576, and see if it can load. If it
works, try again and use freeldr.sys from revision between r43167 and r44576.
Otherwise, use freeldr.sys from revision between r43167 and r41757. Repeat
until you get two revisions next to each other, one working, one broken.

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