[ros-bugs] [Bug 4085] cmd -> label: can't change unit's name - ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND

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gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it>  2009-02-12 09:23:53 CET ---
The issue isn't fixed, I've found the cause, this happens when the drive has no

To replicate it try to rename c drive to "one_two_three" it won't work because
of bug 3475, but after that if you go to cmd and type dir, you'll see the drive
has lost its original label, now if you try to change it through the label
command you'll get the error.

--- Comment #6 from Goplat <mrnobo1024 at yahoo.com>  2009-03-31 06:09:08 CET ---
one_two_three is not a valid label on FAT drives, since it's too long.

Anyway, this bug is caused by a buffer overflow, and whether it shows up or not
depends on how the compiler arranges variables in memory. The cmd.exe on the
builds from http://www.reactos.org/getbuilds/ is affected, but cmd.exe produced
by RosBE on Windows is not. I've attempted a fix in r40303.

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