[ros-bugs] [Bug 4435] utorrent download causes softlocks

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Mon Nov 16 17:20:08 CET 2009


gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |gabrielilardi at hotmail.it
                URL|http://www.utorrent.com     |http://www.utorrent.com/down
                   |                            |loads
             Status|UNCONFIRMED                 |NEW
          Component|Utilities                   |Networking
     Ever Confirmed|0                           |1
            Product|ReactOS Apps (rosapps)      |ReactOS
           Platform|QEmu                        |VirtualBox
            Version|unspecified                 |TRUNK

--- Comment #5 from gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it>  2009-11-16 17:20:07 CET ---
I confirm utorrent 1.8.5 doesn't work in official 44199 also in VBox 3.0.10,
after installing and launching it I get an assert:

Assertion 'Irp->Type == IO_TYPE_IRP' failed at ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/irp.c line 991
PuTTYEntered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808c6eea.
kdb:> bt
<ntoskrnl.exe:c6eeb (lib/rtl/i386/debug_asm.S:33 (DbgBreakPoint at 0))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:5682e (ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/irp.c:992 (IoCancelIrp at 4))>
<afd.sys:4ae1 (drivers/network/afd/afd/main.c:195 (AfdCleanupSocket at 12))>
<afd.sys:50ba (drivers/network/afd/afd/main.c:383 (AfdDispatch at 8))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:569f9 (ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/irp.c:1161 (@IofCallDriver at 8))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:4e293 (ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/file.c:1491 (IopCloseFile at 20))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:9d0a3 (ntoskrnl/include/internal/ob_x.h:398
(ObpDecrementHandleCount at 16))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:9d165 (ntoskrnl/ob/obhandle.c:751 (ObpCloseHandleTableEntry at 20))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:9e78b (ntoskrnl/include/internal/ke_x.h:16 (ObpCloseHandle at 8))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:a0466 (ntoskrnl/ob/obhandle.c:3209 (NtClose at 4))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:be1c0 (ntoskrnl/ke/i386/trap.s:243 (KiFastCallEntry))>

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