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--- Comment #34 from eadthem <padamsn at gmail.com>  2009-11-18 04:07:01 CET ---
vicmarcal walked me threw a few things as his request here are my findings.

bootcd-44222-dbg.7z was installed to vmware workstation
I attempted to install FF2 and it never connected to the server.

i found that reactos was using the following settings for networking

gateway (host computers ip)
DNS (host computers ip)
DHCP (disabled on router)

the problem i had was gateway and DNS should be pointed to (routers
ip) and due to bugs in tcpip config not saving and loading info i was only able
to change the DNS to witch got it to download FF2.

FF2 download i believe stopped once the blue bar got all the way across and it
went no further and i have let it sit for about 10min.

the log for install and fixing of tcpip DNS server

the log for ff download stalling at the very end

unfortunately i was unable to determine if anything of value was in the logs or
not, nothing stood out and sense it dose not give any timestamps i didn't crop
the logs. 

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