[ros-bugs] [Bug 5451] Regression: Firefox crashes at launch or becomes unresponsive

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Thu Aug 19 20:30:28 UTC 2010


--- Comment #10 from gabrielilardi <gabrielilardi at hotmail.it>  2010-08-19 20:30:27 CET ---
I have two computers: one with an AMD64 X2 Dual Core +4600 (supports AMD-V) and
another with an Intel Dual Core which doesn't support VT-X, now the same
revision (48564) makes FF behave completely different in the two computers. The
AMD one runs successfully FF (either with or without AMD-V, test done
with first launch after installation) while with the Intel Dual Core FF crashes instantly after trying to launch it with js dll or only
firefox.exe backtraces.

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