[ros-bugs] ARC: IopXXX() off-by-one bug in ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/arcname.c

王智通 zhitong.wangzt at alibaba-inc.com
Mon May 24 11:21:44 CEST 2010

off-by-one errors on ntoskrnl/io/iomgr/arcname.c, IopAssignArcNamesToCdrom() doesn’t check the

KeLoaderBlock->ArcBootDeviceName length, using sprintf cloud cause kernel stack buffer overflow

Or an off-by-one error.




IopAssignArcNamesToCdrom(IN PULONG Buffer, IN ULONG DiskNumber)


    CHAR ArcBuffer[128];


    if (IopApplyRosCdromArcHack(DiskNumber))


        /* Not check the KeLoaderBlock->ArcBootDeviceName length, sprintf could cause

          Kernel stack buffer overflow with ArcBuffer. Even if KeLoaderBlock->ArcBootDeviceName length eval 128,

it will miss ‘\0’ */

        sprintf(ArcBuffer, "\\ArcName\\%s<file:///\\ArcName\%25s>", KeLoaderBlock->ArcBootDeviceName);



So IopAssignArcNamesToCdrom() should check the KeLoaderBlock->ArcBootDeviceName length or replace

Sprintf to snprintf. The same errors also in IopCreateArcNames(),IopReassignSystemRoot().


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