[ros-bugs] [Bug 5513] ARWINSS: Mp3DirectCut crashes

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Mon Oct 18 15:53:21 UTC 2010


--- Comment #2 from igorko <igor-hkr at mail.ru>  2010-10-18 15:53:21 CET ---
winent.drv 3ded dll/win32/winent.drv/gdidrv.c:128 (RosDrv_BitBlt)
gdi32.dll 28e5 dll/win32/gdi32/bitblt.c:88 (BitBlt at 36)
user32.dll 6f08e dll/win32/user32/winproc.c:180 (__asm_dummy_WINPROC_wrapper)
user32.dll 7038f dll/win32/user32/winproc.c:242 (call_window_proc)
user32.dll 70096 dll/win32/user32/winproc.c:857 (WINPROC_CallProcWtoA)
user32.dll 712a0 dll/win32/user32/winproc.c:901 (WINPROC_call_window)

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