[ros-bugs] [Bug 6706] HACK: Regression 0.3.13: SetupS usage fails when calling 7z

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Mon Dec 5 03:55:21 UTC 2011


--- Comment #40 from GlennLChugg <GlennLChugg at gmail.com>  2011-12-05 03:55:20 CET ---
Tests in 0.3.13 are the same :|

Not sure if ReactOS has ever handled spaces in the paths for 7z calls

The '.' path 'C:\Program Files\SetupS.SendTo' bug is still in explorer in this
version too.

So time to take a look at how ReactOS handles retrieving and using paths, cause
it's done wrong :P he he he

When I was using SetupS in ReactOS 0.3.13 initially I was running the games
installer from a ISO, meaning that SetupS was in
'D:\Installer\Tools\SetupS.exe' and 7z.exe was in with it, it had no problems
in my initial tests due to the lack of spaces.

I never noticed the Explorer '.' Bug last tests, but it was always there.

let me know if you guys need anything else, I'll be ready to test once you have
something ;)

If you need some more eyes looking for path related things, let me know which
'.c' files I should be looking at, even tho I don't code in C, I am fluent with
working on API's and DLL calls.

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