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--- Comment #3 from Bblaauw <bblaauw at gmail.com>  2011-10-02 11:45:54 CET ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Reporter reports as fixed.Closing accordingly.

ACPI HAL reported "system memory minus at least 2MB". This has been
'fixed/corrected' more or less into previous behaviour of reporting 'system
memory minus 1MB'.
However this is still incorrect, unless it's a design implementation decision
(reporting only extended memory, not 1st MB).

For reference, Windows 7 64bit reports 4.00GB at my host machine, thus assuming
the full 4096MB (instead of 4095MB of XMS). 

Virtual machine gives this:  "FreeLDR (Debug)"     "System Properties"
rev 29009 (ReactOS 0.3.3)        256MB                 256MB
rev 31933 (ReactOS 0.3.4)        255MB                 256MB
rev 41747 (ReactOS 0.3.10)       255MB                 256MB
rev 44553 (ReactOS 0.3.11)       255MB                 255MB
rev 53920 (Cmake/Debug)          255MB                 255MB

This was Windows 7 Ultimate x64 host, 4.00GB, running VMware Workstation 7.1.4
with a guest virtual machine (Windows XP profile) set to 256MB of system

If it's a design decision, nevermind fixing this.
If it's a bug (FreeLDR, system properties, or both), please bisect. 
If pre-built ISO's of ancient revisions are still available, I can test things

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